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IVMedia case studies - Attraction

The Brief

To drive awareness and interest of this foreign language sci-fi film released nationwide with exclusive IMAX previews.

The Solution.

Be the first: Celebrate the development of VFX in Russia, ‘the Russians are coming”…link breaking news/ relevant politic.

Involve: Use the surprise factor to our advantage. Look like a big film, trail big effects and action sequences. Develop the human story and relationships. Targeting sci-fi influencers.

Own the key areas: Tight targeting of film goers with specific interest in Sci-fi and foreign language film. Target the Russian diaspora.

Prioritise video formats to highlight amazing VFX.

Presence on key genre platforms and alignment with core interests, behaviour that unite them via display and premium social in a tone and style and context familiar to them.
Creative to drive interest via hi-frequency use of effects to elevate position, human and alien love interest to appeal to females and action/peril for young males.

Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter,Snapchat, Metro, Standard Teads network video.

Content ran across a variety of formats including desktop, mobile, tablet, right hand column, in-stream, out-stream, native ads, interstitials, exhibitor website support and email database. Print advertising.

The Delivery

Press reaching 2 million adults aged 16-34
Digital delivering over 5 million views of premium video content
Exhibitor online and in-theatre support with over 4 million adults reached