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IVMedia case studies - MediaTek

The Brief

To demonstrate the new processing power of MediaTek Helio we worked with Pangea Marketing on promoting the latest advanced features of MediaTek Helio enabling a range of unique and powerful devices for every type of consumer at every price point in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

The Solution

Working with tech influencers from those markets we created filmed content to demonstrate the powerful new features of MediaTek Helio.

Creating three distinct international paid social media strategies: Engagement, Video Views and Driving Website Traffic we ran content across a variety of formats including mobile / desktop newsfeed, instant articles, marketplace, Facebook / Instagram Stories, Rewarded Video, Messenger and YouTube.

Promoting 6 x short form video and longer 2min pieces we delivered over 845k views in Thailand, 4.2m views in the Philippines and 1.6m views in Indonesia exceeding expectations with huge levels of engagements and completed video views and landing page views.